Dark Man Trilogy

The Dark Man Trilogy  is a personal empowerment story in the paranormal romance genre, the first book of the Dark Man Trilogy (2nd book Dark Fire and 3rd book Dark Storm).

This is the story of 3 women from 3 generations of a family haunted since the 17th century. Their ancestor Katherine defeated an unwanted suitor and the sorcerer that was his accomplice, in doing so trapping the demon the sorcerer had summoned in this world to bend her to their will. Ever since this demon, the Dark Man, has haunted her descendants. 300 years later a family tragedy finally brings these 3 women together to fulfill their ancestor’s prophecy that her descendants would one day defeat the Dark Man. But fate has brought them face to face with descendants of both their ancestor’s suitor and his sorcerer, and the final battle for domination looms. They must decipher the meaning of the prophecy and use it to survive. In Taming the Tides Bea discovers her gift and her place in the prophecy with the help of her grandmother, aunt and cousin. It is about Bea learning to use her power to free herself from her family’s designs and the Dark Man. She must succeed to protect her new found love and her dreams of a future free of the Dark Man.

Book 1- Dark Water: Treading water in a sea of evil. When Bea discovered that her perfect fiancée, the one hand picked by her mother, wasn’t so perfect after all, and before forces could gather to push her into a marriage doomed to fail, she fled Manhattan for the idyllic Pacific beach town of Crescent Beach. She wanted to be with her grandmother and aunt even though they were the strange side of the family. The ones rumoured to be witches.

Soon Bea finds herself in deep water with a sexy chef who unnerves her and a mysterious “Dark Man” who haunted her dreams as a child but now has become a terrifying reality.

Book 2- Dark Fire: Between passion and the evil a girl is likely to get burned. Kat always lands on her feet. She survived a great deal and was raising her young son all on her own. Her son’s father, a dirty cop, is out for vengeance. She has a plan, to retreat to the quiet seaside town of Crescent Beach. A distant cousin offered her shelter in her lovely Queen Anne house and the comfort of a family of strong, supportive women.

When the man who sparks something in her turns out to be another cop, she tells herself, once burned, twice stupid. But together they must fight the Dark Man, an evil force bent on destroying her new found family. A family of witches.

Book 3- Dark Storm: A Dark Storm is forecast with a strong possibility of evil by nightfall. The pressure is on Shelagh. She knows the others want her to grab someone to seal the deal… before it’s too late, for all of them. Despite the pressure, she resists. There is so much yet to unravel, to understand before they can put an end to the tyranny of the Dark Man. She can’t afford to make a mistake and if there was one thing her mother Lizzie taught her, it was not to take the easy path. So she’s biding her time. She just hopes she has enough time left before the storm roars down upon them.

Shelagh is drawn to Aiken, the contractor who looks like a Norse god with a tool belt. What woman wouldn’t be? She hired him to renovate her kitchen so she has ample opportunity to appreciate his assets, but something isn’t right. Her ex, who she hasn’t heard from in two years is stalking her again. And another man has appeared on the scene: A quirky professor from Dublin. The only one missing is the Dark Man, whose habits have changed once more. Where will this all lead?


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