Dark Fire is Here, Dark Storm on the Way

The second book in my Dark Man paranormal romance trilogy is out both as an e book (www.smashwords.com) and as a print on demand book (amazon.com).  I’m 49,000 words into the third book, which I hope will be out in June. Here’s the prologue:

He remembered well the night the sorcerer and his master evoked him from the outer shadows, binding him with chains of magic and commanding him to stalk Katherine. Enraged yet impotent against their magic, he had been forced to work the sorcerer’s will. Unfortunately the sorcerer and the English lord who’d hired him died that night, killed by Katherine’s magical counter attack. Yet the sorcerer’s chains of magic remained, and three centuries he’d chafed against the magical shackles that bound him to his appointed task: Match Katherine’s family to Lord Newcombe’s. Trapped in this world, no one left to break the spell and release him, he yearned for the freedom of the otherworld. Forced to discover ways to feed off the energy of his unfamiliar surroundings in order to sustain himself, he learned to survive. Three hundred years he prodded and persisted, hoping that completion of the task would free him, ever steering towards a goal that always seemed to elude him. For the first time in all those years someone had come forward to claim control of him, someone who might be able to break those chains and finally set him free. The newcomer offered to assist him, but insisted that he would not release him until he successfully completed the task he’d been originally set. He didn’t want to be controlled, most certainly not by any human. Humans were responsible for his captivity in this world in the first place. But he longed to escape this world, and this new development promised that release. He’d do what he needed to in order to achieve that end.

The descendants of the witch that he faced had the potential to be the most powerful in generations. Daunting, yet he was confident: Despite many attempts, their ancestor Katherine had never succeeded in banishing him, nor had any of her ancestors. And at first two of these ancestors did not seem to realize the extent of their power. Encouraged by his new handler, he’d managed to kill their mentor Lizzie before she had the chance to fully develop her student’s new found magical skills. He’d never killed any of the females of that line before. Then his new handler had sent him after the weakest of them, Beatrice Graham, and he’d almost overpowered and killed her too. Yet luck was with them and the three had managed to combine their forces to oppose him at the last minute. He and his handler narrowly avoided obliteration, the women’s defensive attack injuring his new handler sorcerer, something Katherine had never achieved. He’d striven to escape this world in his panic while his handler was distracted, but his handler had held onto the chains of power and pulled him back. Retreating to lick his wounds, he re-assessed his situation: Was his new handler more powerful than the sorcerer who had originally summoned him, or was the combined power the three witches less than the power of their grand grandmother Katherine? If he was to succeed, he must try again before they became more powerful. His handler sent him against the second weakest female, namesake of the original witch. He must succeed this time.

Woe betide the human that had the other end of his leash when the Dark Man was set free.


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