Sunday Giveaway 1

To celebrate the launch of the Dark Man Trilogy, I’m starting a Sunday giveaway. Each Sunday for the next few weeks I’m going to post three questions for people to answer. First three people to post the correct answers will get free Dark Man e books. You can find the answers in the first chapter of the book, which is in a previous post on this blog. If you don’t make the first three this week, don’t despair: I’ll be posting questions every Sunday for the next several weeks so you’ll have another chance.

In the first book of the Dark Man trilogy, three women come together to solve a 300 year old prophecy that threatens their future happiness:

“Daughters of blood.

Kin of heart.

Cursed by prince.

One of fire.

One of wind.

One of sea.

Cursed be their tree.

Challenge the curse.

Bane of art.

Kin of spirit.

Son of Earth.

Break the bane,

Set them free,

Once there are three.”

For centuries their family has waited for the right conditions to occur to finally confront the Dark Man and end his haunting. Each must find the right partner to make the prophecy come true, but the Dark Man will do everything in his power to prevent this. They must defeat him, or their ancestors will suffer his curse.

So here are this week’s questions:

1) In what town do the three female characters of this trilogy get together to learn how to deal with the Dark Man?

2) What kind of boots does Kat wear?

3) What’s the name of Lizzie’s husband?


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